Blue River Community Foundation recently partnered with Shelbyville Central Schools (SCS) Education Foundation to distribute these particular grant dollars.

For over 15 years, BRCF has held field of interest funds set up by donors with the intention of supporting local teachers in the classroom.  To save our educators the time of having to fill out multiple grant applications, the Foundation recently partnered with Shelbyville Central Schools (SCS) Education Foundation to distribute these particular grant dollars. 

SCS Education Foundation offers a grant opportunity for their educators to apply for projects that encourage academic excellence and support innovative and creative programs to enrich educational experiences, among others. The previously stated criteria also align with the intentions of education funds that have been set up at BRCF by generous, local philanthropists. This year, SCS Education Foundation shared their grant applications with BRCF staff and our organization was able to support several of the requests.  

SCS Education Foundation received $2,355 to distribute to four educators within their school system.  

• Mr. Von Werder at Shelbyville High School (SHS) received funding to purchase Japanese brush pens and calligraphy paper for his Japanese students to utilize. 

• Mr. Shoaf, also an SHS teacher, received grant dollars to purchase elementary ecolab kits for his students to prepare for SCS elementary students to use when they visit the ecology lab.

 • Ms. Bertsch at Loper Elementary received a grant to introduce Soft Starts to her kindergarten students. Soft Starts is a program the 13-year teaching veteran fell in love with that promises students a smooth transition into the school day and prepares them for the mental and academic demands of the day. 

• Ms. Amaro at Coulston Elementary School received funding to help her become a certified translator. Numerous students at Coulston will benefit from Ms. Amaro’s training and certification. 

Funds held at BRCF that supported these grants include: 

• Bueford and Caryl Loper Robbins Fund 

• Higgins Family Education Development Fund 

• Justin Robert Barrick Fund 

• Thomas N. and Charlene S. Rosenfeld Fund 

If you are interested in supporting our local educators in the SCS school system, please contact Andy Snow at the SCS Education Foundation.  Furthermore, if you are interested in supporting education throughout Shelby County, please contact Jennifer Jones at the Blue River Community Foundation to find out where your gifts can best be directed to meet your philanthropic goals of supporting education in Shelby County.