Shelbyville Middle School students learned how to leave a legacy

this holiday season. They also learned that legacies take a lot of
legwork. In this case, Mrs. Hutchinson’s Language Arts and Mrs.
Snow’s math “lab” classes organized a comprehensive canned food
drive program, complete with using leftovers to make dessert.
“Lab students need extra support with grade-level standards, and
for (Snow) and me, that doesn’t just mean drill the standards,”
Hutchinson said.
Students first researched world hunger to better understand the
impact of Covid-19 on food pantries and families. They then
consulted with SMS guidance counselors Ellie Albert and Andy Orem
to identify items needed for local families. The classes then took on
the daunting task of amping up the annually successful SMS
Thanksgiving basket project.
But planning seemed easy compared to soliciting others for help
getting the goods.
”We brainstormed ideas, made posters, made a Tiktok for the
announcements, wrote letters to persuade staff and students to
help, and worked hard to sort and pack the baskets,” Hutchinson

Peers were encouraged to donate during a “Hunger Heroes”
spirit week. Students brought in cans of corn and green beans
while dressed as superheroes, old people, and Disney
characters. The leaders’ efforts paid off.
“SMS students are caring, creative, and thoughtful, and this
project really allowed their servant hearts to shine,” Hutchinson
Once 30 baskets were filled, extra cans were sent to Pantry Pals,
with a few allocated toward a special treat. Staff from food
service provider Chartwells taught kids how to make cranberry
apple crisp.
From researching a problem and budgeting to measuring the
remaining ingredients, students learned how to see a solution to
its completion.
To Hutchinson, that’s a worthwhile accomplishment. “They were
all in from the beginning, and as a teacher, there is no greater joy
than to see your students put their minds - and whole hearts - to
something and carry it out to fruition.”